Is It Better to Buy a New or Used Tesla? Here Are the Facts

Buying a used car is the go-to option for many people nowadays because getting a new vehicle is not always the most economical choice. Tesla is becoming a popular preference for many and is no longer the rare and untouchable vehicle it once was.

Buying a used Tesla is a good call if you’re someone who likes to put your comfort and safety first. It’s also a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable option. It will offer similar features (depending on the model and make) and many technological advancements that are not present in any other vehicle. 

Tesla is an eco-friendly car with a fabulous performance and increasing popularity. With its increasing popularity, we find more and more Tesla on the road. But which option is better when it comes to getting a new or used Tesla? Keep reading to find out.

Few Tesla are Available in The Used Car Market

If you’ve finally decided to buy a used Tesla, one thing you’ll notice immediately is that there are fewer used Tesla vehicles available in the market nowadays. However, Tesla is known for being proficient at retaining the resale value of its brand.

Demand and supply play a huge role in setting up the prices; hence, with limited used Tesla models available, you might find a used model at a high value.

The major reason why people opt for buying a used car is economics. If you have the budget, you would be more interested in buying a new car that does not have any miles in the tank. Another fact is that Tesla manages a large portion of its used car market because they purchase back most of their cars.

It is expected that the used car market for Tesla will double in size in the coming years, with a lot of people selling off their model S to buy new Tesla vehicles with additional features.

According to research conducted in 2018, a used Tesla Model S is way better than any other vehicle in the market even after having 50,000 miles in the tank.

Used Tesla Are Expensive Too

If you’ve made your mind to buy a used Tesla, you should note that they’re expensive too. As discussed above, there are few used Tesla vehicles available in the market. An increase in demand and less supply leads to increasing the value of the vehicle.

The limited productivity of Tesla is one reason why there are few used cars available in the market. Following are some reasons why used Tesla vehicles are expensive:

  1. High Demand: The demand for used and new Tesla vehicles exceeds its supply.
  2. Continuous Updates: Tesla vehicles are updated continuously and wirelessly free of charge.
  3. Less Availability: Tesla cars are selling out quickly in the market.
  4. Availability of Fewer Models: Tesla just started a few years ago. The company has indeed gained immense popularity, but the number of models being manufactured is not large.

One of the most sought-after models that Tesla has manufactured is model 3. The sales of this car exceed those in the same segment.

Battery Life: New vs. Used Tesla

Tesla is an electric car, and a major drawback for someone looking to buy a used Tesla is the battery life. While the batteries for Tesla vehicles are built to function effectively for a long period, they will never be able to operate with the same efficiency as a new one.

According to data that has been accepted widely, an average driver drives approximately 12000 miles per year. The average battery life of a Tesla can be assumed to be around 12 years. Research states that the battery of a Tesla vehicle can last more than 200,000 miles.

With a Tesla vehicle that has been used for a long period, its battery will not function as efficiently as people will expect it to operate. Furthermore, you might need a replacement sooner than expected.

You Will Miss Out the New Features

Buying a used Tesla comes with many benefits, especially for people looking for affordable options. However, you will certainly miss out on the new features that Tesla is coming up with.

Tesla is always evolving and coming up with features and ideas that are out of the box, for instance, the popular Autopilot mode. So, if you’re buying a used model, you can expect such features not available in the previous model.  

The Autopilot feature is the most extensive one, and we can only expect it to become better in the future.

Old Models Are More Attractive but With More Wear and Less Range

If you’re in search of an older model with less range, you might find affordable options as compared to new Tesla vehicles. For instance, if you want a model with a limited mile range, you can opt for the 2014 Model S 60D.

The price of this model can be as low as $50,000, whereas the new one is sold for $71,000. In addition to this, with a used Tesla vehicle, you can subtract the mileage from the 4 years/50,000-mile warranty.

However, if you’re particular about the color of your vehicle, there’s a drawback for you. You’ll be stuck with whatever color options are available. You can also expect some wear and tear with the used Tesla.

With a new Tesla, you will have your options open.

Prices To Repair a Used Tesla Can Be High

While buying a used car has its advantage in terms of the price, it is a fact that the price to repair a used Tesla can be high since its warranty will run out eventually. Most of the cars are manufactured using steel and plastic, which are durable and easy to repair.

With Tesla, repairing can be a difficult process. This is because they have aluminum bodies, and an inexperienced technician won’t be able to fix it for you.

New models will comprise well-known dependability and finish. People who shared their experiences with buying a used Tesla stated that they had some minor issues, such as replacing door handles.

Many happy consumers shared good experiences stating that the used Tesla they bought was similar to a brand-new car. Hence, it all comes down to the seller and how he has treated his car.

Potential Resale Option Can Be Beneficial for You

Just like with anything, you can always resell a Tesla if you want. With the increasing popularity of Tesla, you will easily be able to find someone wanting to purchase a used Tesla. You can make some good money out of it.

The good part is, if you’re not enjoying the new Tesla you’ve bought, you can sell it for the same price due to its popularity. This shows that buying a used Tesla is less complex than getting your hands on a different car.

While a used Tesla will be having some miles on it, they are built to last longer. This means that it’s durable and will not have any effect on performance.

According to the claims, Tesla vehicles have been made to last a lifetime, so it can be expected that the vehicle will not be needing any major repairs outside of the requirement to replace some parts such as the wheels.

With Used Cars, There Is Always a Risk Involved

When you’re buying a used car, there is always a risk involved that if the person selling the car is telling the truth about it. When documents are exchanged in such a deal, it is always expected that anything discussed before is the truth.

If there are any issues with the car or any important details about its history, they should be discussed openly before any decision is finalized. However, many buyers often make the mistake of trusting the seller naively and ending up with a lot of issues.

When you buy any used car, there is also a risk of how the previous owner has maintained it. You can always expect some wear and tear. However, with expensive cars such as Tesla, it is less likely that someone would buy an elite car only to treat it poorly.

Therefore, you can expect little wear and tear with Tesla models. The most common reason why people sell a Tesla is to buy a new one with additional features. Hence, you can expect the vehicle in good condition and well looked after.

Elite Feel in Less Money

The world is drawn towards electric cars, and when people decide to invest in something, they want to opt for the best one. There is a particular consumer segment for the Tesla market because of its price. Many people wish to have one but cannot afford it.

A used Tesla is a go-to option for such people. There are many benefits to this. The feeling of being a part of the crowd that owns a Tesla, it’s elite. That too, in less money.

People who have bought a used Tesla share their experiences and state that it almost feels like a brand-new car. No matter what, Tesla is considered one of the top vehicles of the future, and everyone wants to get their hands on it. You can expect a smooth driving experience without any noise.

Another thing is that when you’re driving a Tesla around the town, no one can tell if you’re driving a used one. It is a great deal for someone who cares much about driving the best cars.

In addition to this, many people consider a used version of Tesla to be far better than any other electric car.

You Will Miss the New Car Feeling in A Used Tesla

This is a debatable fact; there are certain feelings and experiences associated with buying a car that is brand new. From signing the deal to going for the first test drive, everything feels different with a new car.

However, these factors do not matter much to people who are looking for an affordable option with an elite feel. This statement depends mostly on the seller from whom you’re purchasing the used Tesla. As discussed earlier, it depends upon how the seller has treated the car.

Many people can afford a new Tesla, and as soon as a new model is introduced, they want to buy it immediately. Therefore, it’s unlikely to expect any wear and tear in a used Tesla. However, you cannot compare it with a brand-new Tesla; that’s a fact.

Tesla is Loaded with Technology

Purchasing a used Tesla seems to be a great idea. You’ll get your hands on a high-performance and technology-driven car.  

Although it cannot be compared with a brand-new car, whether used or brand-new, it remains a fact that Tesla is loaded with technology. They are engineered to avoid and prevent collisions and have many safety functions installed. These functions are also continuously improved and updated.

In addition to this, Tesla is a safe and modern vehicle. It is an electric car; therefore, you’ll not be spending much on buying gas. Electricity is much cheaper. Not only this, but you’ll also be contributing to the planet.

In addition to this, apart from the initial cost, the running cost of a Tesla vehicle is comparatively lower than that of a car with an internal combustion engine. They are also known to be great performers. You can pick any model; the performance is beyond expectation.

The cars are insanely fast and do not require any maintenance. Everything that Tesla offers is unique. They’re coming up with innovative ideas frequently.

One of the many benefits that a brand-new car comes with is that it comprises the latest technology. At the same time, some of these latest features might be missing in the used cars.

Little of No Maintenance with a New Tesla

A crucial advantage of buying a new Tesla is that it will require little or no maintenance. You might know an electric car comprises few moving parts as compared to a car that operates on gas. You can just keep your car on drive mode and press the acceleration, and you’re ready to go.

The car doesn’t have pistons, cylinders, no gears to shift, transmissions, etc. Having few parts itself reduces the likelihood of things going wrong.

It is also a fact that an electric car needs little or no maintenance as compared to a used one. This will save your effort, time, and money on scheduling repair sessions.

Increasing Levels of Owner Satisfaction

Owner satisfaction plays an important role when talking about purchasing a vehicle, whether new or used. A low level of satisfaction will keep individuals from the owner of a particular car.

For instance, you buy a new Tesla, and you’ve used it for a few days, but you’re not satisfied. When individuals do not enjoy a particular item, they look for ways to sell and replace it immediately.

This idea of reselling increases the supply of the vehicle, which then exceeds the demand. When supply is high, and demand is low, the average selling cost also decreases. This does not usually happen with Tesla.

Since Tesla is relatively new in the market, there are few models available. The demand for both used and new cars is high, considering the huge consumer segment that the company targets.

This results in higher prices of both new and used cars. The reason why a lot of people prefer Tesla is that it is high on technology and is the safest car. Moreover, the idea of an electric car fascinates many people. They consider it as a step towards a technology-driven as well as environment-friendly initiative.


The popularity of Tesla is not something that’s hidden from anyone. Tesla has been successful in winning over a lot of tech-oriented consumers over the years. It has been popular for its out-of-the-box ideas and innovative features. They’re continuously coming up with new ideas.

If you’re confused between buying a used or new Tesla, it all comes down to factors such as budget, condition of the vehicle, personal preferences, and more. If you’re someone who loves to drive a high-performance car and save some money at the same time, it can be safely said that Tesla is a good call for you.

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