9 Ways to Find Electric Car Charging Stations

Finding electric vehicle (EV) charging stations is not as hard as it used to be. Whether you want to stop at a charging station on your way to a new destination or stop by one in the middle of your trip, electric car charging station maps are available at your fingertips.

Read on to find out how to locate electric car charging stations and the different filters associated with the different locations. There are many apps available and many electric car communities out there. Remember, if owning an electric car is new for you, the information available is abundant.

How to Locate Electric Car Charging Stations

Electric car charging stations are becoming more and more common. Charging stations are showing up around malls, in grocery store parking lots, and along highways. Of course, you will still have to find a car charging station that fits your car, but many car charging maps will also have filters so you can find the right one for your car.

Alternative Fuels Data Center in the United States and Canada

Alternative Fuels Data Center can help you find charging stations for your electric car whether you live in the U.S./Canada or are planning a visit or day trip. The search bar and map on the website can be searched for:

  • United States and Canada
  • United States only
  • Canada only

Canadian stations can be found in French on this site as well. You can also choose the connector type you will need by entering your location and the charger type you will need for your car.

There is also an advanced filters section available. For example, the Station tab in the advanced search allows you to search for:

  • Public or Private access
  • Status of the spot
  • Who owns the charging station- For example, does the federal government own it, or is it utility-owned?
  • The payment type accepted

There is also an option to map a route to your chosen destination. This will be extremely helpful if the charging station is out of the way from your original destination, as this option can allow you to get back on your original route when you are done without any issues. Alternative Fuels Data Center also has apps available for iPhone and Android, but these are only for United States searches.


PlugShare offers charging stations all over the world. The map available gives you the option to choose Satellite and Terrain options when searching the map. This can make navigating easier if you are somewhere you have not been before and are looking for landmarks. There are apps available for Apple and through the Google Play Store. PlugShare is a community on a larger scale made for EV drivers by EV drivers.

You can register for PlugShare for free, and this allows you access to the community. When you log in to PlugShare, you can set preferences to fit your needs, such as:

  • Filtering charging stations compatible with your car
  • Know what to expect when showing up at a charging station based on other user’s reviews or comments
  • Know when new charging stations are installed with alerts

Also, if the charging station allows pay with PlugShare, you can pay through the app on your phone. Some members of PlugShare will also share their personal charging stations with other users. You can find these charging stations when you choose shared residential stations through the search menu.


ChargeHub is an EV charging station search mainly for the United States. There is a worldwide map available, but many of the charging stations can be found in the U.S. only. The map offers a detailed legend showing:

  • Level 1 stations
  • Level 2 stations
  • DCFC (Level 3) stations
  • Tesla stations
  • Stations coming soon

The map will also show if your chosen charging destination is available or busy. In addition, filters are available to choose the charging station level and connection needed of your choice. There is also a network search option available if you prefer one network over the other.

ChargeHub offers a Passport where your payment (if required) can be processed regardless of the network needed. No need to search out specific networks anymore. ChargeHub is a platform for electric car users, so you can always use the map available for free. When you create a login, you will be able to become part of the ChargeHub community.

Planning a trip and saving trips to travel again are other options available. When traveling, if you come across a charging station that is not on the map, you can add the station so other users will know how to find it. The location name and address are needed to add the charging station to the map. The option to add images of the charging station is available as well.

Adding a charging station to the map is like asking ChargeHub to place the station on the map. The charging station will not only automatically be added, but you will also receive an email from ChargeHub within one to two days letting you know they have received your information.


While ChargePoint is a charging network, ChargePoint does offer public charging locations. Signing up for a ChargePoint account is free, and locations can be found online or through their app. The ChargePoint app has many useful tools. For example, just by holding your phone up to the card reader, you can start charging your EV.

Once your car is hooked up to the charging station and has started charging:

  • A notification will be sent when your car is done charging or if charging has been interrupted for any reason.
  • A notification will be sent for charging station reminders of reservations you have made.

Inside the app, you can also find where charging stations are based on pictures taken from other drivers. There is a ChargePoint card available for use that can also be used at charging stations in case you do not want to use your phone.

The charging station map is the same as some of the other maps available as far as locating the charging stations themselves. However, you do have the option to check for free charging stations with this map. Connection type and network searches are available as well.

If your EV is new to you or charging your EV in public places is new to you, ChargePoint has you covered. There is a “How to Start a Charge” video available to watch with detailed instructions for quick scrolling. Customer service is also available 24/7 with a detailed FAQ page and a link to Driver Support if needed.

Tesla Charging Stations

Tesla has its own map available for charging stations worldwide. Superchargers and destination charging are the two options available for charging stations. Also included on the Tesla map are:

  • Stores and Galleries
  • Service
  • Body Shops

The Superchargers options on the map will show how many charging areas are available and what wattage is available. Charging station addresses and driving directions are shown as well. The Destination Charging options show the address and driving directions but will not have as much visible information on the map available.

However, there is a Tesla Destination Charging list available for all areas located on the main map. Once a charging location is chosen from the map, a more detailed description is available, including the wattage available for the charging stations. Also, the business the charging station is located at will have their website available and a phone number in case you have any questions.


EVgo is a fast-charging network available in the United States. “Fast charging” means typical charging times take no more than 45 minutes. This quick charge time can allow you to park, charge, run a couple of errands, and your car will be charged and ready to go when you get back.

Once a destination is chosen off the map, a box will appear giving the name of the company or business the charging station is located at, along with the address. The type of charger port available is listed, as well as an image of the charging station and the business hours of operation.

EVgo has a pay-as-you-go plan and a membership plan available:

Pay-As-You-Go-PlanMembership Plan
No fees or commitments$7.99 per month
$0.35 cost per minute$0.31 cost per minute
60-minute session time limit60-minute session time limit

Both of these plans have similarities, including:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Detailed charging history
  • Start and track driving sessions with the app (available at the Apple Store and on Google Play)

The membership plan has a monthly price because there is a 10% discount on standard pricing rates. EVgo offers a Program card for charging stations to keep on hand in case you do not want to have to use the app.

Blink Charging

Blink Charging has the United States-based charging station location map. Charging stations can be chosen off the map or through the search bar. The charging station map has three different icons:

  • Green means the station is available.
  • Blue means the station is currently in use.
  • Yellow locks are for restricted charging stations.

Charging stations found in parking lots of apartment buildings are a great example of this. This type of charging station would be restricted for anyone not living there.

Free memberships are available for Blink Charging. Free memberships offer:

  • Charging fees at a discounted price
  • A Blink Card
  • Access to public EV chargers

Plus memberships and Pro memberships are available as well. These types of memberships include discounts on fees and the ability to load funds onto your Blink card ahead of time. Being able to load funds onto your card ahead of time can aid in planning your day or possibly your road trip a lot easier.

If you find a Blink Charging station and are not a member, Blink Charging has you covered. You can visit the website or app through your phone to pay for a guest code at the standard rate. The guest code purchased will be one-time use. If a charge is needed and the internet cannot be accessed, (888) 998-2546 is the number for their customer service who can help you get your guest code over the phone.


EVmatch is located throughout just the United States at this time. Apple and Google Play both have apps available that allow you to load money beforehand and receive notifications when your charging session is requested or approved.

EVmatch is a network for residential and commercial hosts to allow access to their owned charging stations. Using EVmatch can potentially open the door to more charging station availability.

Homeowners are allowed to post listings for drivers who are searching for charging stations. Drivers request access during times listed by the homeowners and, once approved, can arrive at the chosen time. The drivers then pay the homeowners, so prices vary based on the request. Any type of information needed for the charging station type or the connection being used will be located in the homeowner’s original posting.

Google Maps

If you have Google Maps installed or built into your car, EV charging stations can be found with a simple search. Once you find your destination for a charging station, the battery percentage level of your car will be updated and monitored as you drive. In addition, the name, address, and phone number of the charging station will show up listed based on distance from your current location.

Google allows users to rate the charging stations up to five stars based on their experiences. Hours on when the charging stations are open can be filtered by:

  • Any time
  • Open now
  • Open 24 hours

You can search for charging stations before you leave for your destination, so you know exactly where you are going once you leave. You can also search for charging stations after leaving for your destination.

If EV charging stations need to be found afterward, they will show up along the route you are taking. Once leaving for your destination and a charging station is needed, Google Maps will show you the charging time needed to get to your destination based on your car’s battery percentage. If you make it to your destination without needing to stop, charging stations will be shown in your surrounding area.

Be Prepared Before You Go to the Charging Station

Learning the ins and outs of your new car will be exciting. Apps are available for all the charging station search maps above. If at any time learning about your new car becomes overwhelming, there are many FAQ pages and tutorials available.

Which Charge Port Do I Need?

The charge port needed for your electric car is based on the type of electric car you have, plus the make/model of the car itself. The charging stations listed in the tools above will specify which ports are needed to use the specific stations listed. Many of these search tools will also allow you to use filters to specify the exact port needed.

Most of the car charging station maps have free accounts and, once an account is created, you can access the EV community associated with the brand. The people of the EV community are friendly and can help answer questions you have as well.

How Much Will It Cost to Charge My Car?

This does not have an exact answer because different charging stations will charge different amounts. Becoming a member, whether you choose a free access account or one with a monthly price, could help with the cost. There will be times when charging your car can also be free, like at retail areas and grocery stores.

Which Car Charging Station Do I Need?

There are different variables determining the car charging stations needed. Some variables will include:

  • Your destination
  • The type of charging plug you need
  • Which charging station map you are using

With as far as the above-mentioned charging stations, you do not have to only use one. You may also find different car charging station maps work better depending on where you are. For example, at 2 pm, the car charging stations available at the mall may always be full, but the grocery store down the street is always empty at 2 pm.

The more often you drive your car, the better you will be able to tell if or when it will need to be charged. It is possible, if your electric car is being used for day-to-day errands, work, or anywhere else close to your home, that just charging your car overnight may be enough.


Electric cars are becoming increasingly common, and with that trend comes more car charging stations. The car charging stations listed all have map access, so finding the right car charging station is no longer hard to find. Also, with more and more companies providing car charging stations, more of them will be available closer together. That way, if you pull up to one and it is being used, finding another empty space close by will become easier.

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