19 Best Electric Car Alternatives To Tesla

Electric cars have become a more and more popular choice as the technology and availability for electric carports become more readily available. It saves the customers money and reduces their carbon footprint on the earth.

Tesla is one of the leading manufacturers of electric cars, but not everyone can afford nor do they want this brand. If you are one of these people, there are many alternatives you can choose from. Here are those options.

Rivian R1S

Mile Range410 miles
Best FeatureBest Off Road
Comparable ToModel Y
Type of VehicleSUV

Like the Model X Tesla, the Rivian has seven seats so that you can fit the whole family inside. This off-road SUV option is only the second one in its production line. With its long-distance battery, it is great for the family when you go off-road camping.

If you are looking for the 410-mile stretch, you will need to get the largest battery choice, but you can select if you are looking for something within a budget. These options are 105, 135, and 180 kWh.

When driving this vehicle, you will find that the top speed is 125 mph, and it has 700 horsepower. With all this power, it is a little cheaper than the Tesla comparison, which will have the competitors running for their money.

Lotus Evija

Mile Range250 miles
Best FeatureMost Powerful
Comparable ToModel S
Type of VehicleSports Car

When you think about electric cars, many don’t think that it has a lot of power. You don’t think about those race cars speeding through those turns, but Lotus has made sure to make a powerful car that is all-electric.

This company strives to break boundaries with electric vehicles by pushing technology farther than any others. The Evija has 2,000 horsepower, which is produced by four electric motors. You need that many motors to support that type of power!

If you want speed and power, this is the car for you. But remember, with all this power, it still costs a pretty large amount that makes it the less affordable car compared to Tesla’s Model S sports car.

Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mile Range200 miles
Best FeatureMost Comfortable
Comparable ToModel Y
Type of VehicleSUV

If you are looking more for style than a powerful sports car, this is one for you. This one has many, luxury details which make for a great ride when you and your family go on a long road trip. You won’t find yourself feeling cramped and will feel so relaxed.

Although it is great for luxury, it can reach 60 miles in 4.8 seconds. It reaches a top speed of 112 mph. It has some amazing features like the following:

  • Apple Carplay
  • Android Auto
  • WiFi Hotspot
  • Lane-keep assist
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Adaptive cruise control

All of these features make for a better experience as well as increased safety. You will find luxury and safety have melted together to make this beautiful piece of technology that everyone can enjoy!

BMW Electric i8 Roadster

Mile Range33 miles (electric)
Best FeatureBest Sporty Electric Car
Comparable ToModel S
Type of VehicleSports Car

This electric car was built as an ode to the classics, keeping the style and intimidation of the old muscle cars. BMW offers this vehicle both as an electric car and a hybrid, so if you have your options with this one.

You will feel like you are meant to go fast in this car. But due to it being an electric car and having only 369 horsepower, it doesn’t have the speed nor the power of the classics. It does go to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds.

Sadly, for the price, this isn’t always the best option. It is great for style, especially if you want to go with the top down and have the summer wind flow through your hair. It only seats two people to bring your favorite person with you and isn’t the best for families.

Lordstown Endurance

Mile Range250 miles
Best FeatureBest Electric Pick up Truck
Comparable ToCybertruck
Type of VehiclePick-up Truck

This company, Lordstown, is a new start-up that has gained quite the attention with this vehicle. Many observers are wondering what this company has in store for this pickup. It is considered rightly priced for its size, and you won’t be disappointed with this new brand.

It can range up to 250 miles with 600 horsepower. The company brags that this pickup can tow 6000 pounds. It has four in-wheel hub motors to help it tow things more easily. It has fewer moving parts which make it stronger and simpler.

This company emphasizes their smarter, safer pickup truck. With this new innovative design, you will find yourself with a great alternative to the Tesla Cybertruck.


Mile Range249 miles
Best FeatureBest Mid-Sized Luxury Vehicle
Comparable ToModel Y
Type of VehicleCompact SUV

The BMW iX3 is slightly larger than the BMW i4, so if you are looking more for size, this one is for you. It is great for families and is great for practical use. You won’t be dissatisfied with this vehicle and the luxury details it has to offer.

A lot of thought was put into this, including the new aerodynamic wheels to help with mileage and a more luxuriously smooth ride. Unlike many other electric vehicles, this one is rear-wheel drive and, with the newer upgraded systems, may be able to go 285 miles instead of 249 miles.

It has a dual motor that gives it 282 horsepower and can reach 60 mph in 6.8 seconds. This top speed is 112 mph. It is also capable of charging faster than others, averaging about 60 miles in about 10 minutes.

Sadly, due to the little demand for electric cars in the United States, this vehicle will only be available in China and other countries overseas. The United States will be given a hybrid option comparable to the electric vehicle but with more of an environmental impact.

BMW i4

Mile Range372 miles
Best FeatureBest Small Electric Vehicle
Comparable ToModel 3
Type of VehicleLuxury Car

The BMW i4 is a sporty yet stylish car that provides you with the environmentally friendly aspect without losing the fashionable style. It is low, slim, and slick. You wouldn’t mind rolling up to a function in this vehicle.

It can hit 60 mph in about 4.2 seconds and has quite the horsepower for a little vehicle with 542 hp. It may not have the intense power as the Evija, but it still packs quite a punch with its small frame and horsepower.

BMW has done well with the specs on this vehicle. You can drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles with one charge. If you are at 0%, it will only take you 9 hours to reach 100%. And don’t forget about that tax credit if you do decide to go electric.

Polestar 2

Mile Range233 miles
Best FeatureBest Day to Day driving
Comparable ToModel Y
Type of VehicleSubcompact SUV

If you are looking for a more modern look, this vehicle might be for you. This subcompact SUV provides a slick modern look while giving you the perks of an electric vehicle. You can connect your phone to it and have full access and control of it.

If you want the latest technology connectivity and perks, this is the one for you. It is completely driven by Android integration, which hasn’t been done before. It gives you access to services like Google Maps, Google Play, and so much more.

This SUV is appraised for its wonderful sound system. You can either hook your music via your phone by Bluetooth or USB, or you can listen to satellite radio. The large touchscreen makes it easy for you to navigate these applications and so many more!

You’ll find yourself topping the speed of about 127 miles per hour and can reach 60 miles per hour in 4.7 seconds. With its dual motor, you get 408 horsepower. This one is all-wheel drive making it great for inclement weather.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Mile Range32 miles (electric) or 488 miles (gas)
Best FeatureBest for big families
Comparable ToModel X
Type of VehicleMinivan

Although this minivan is not considered a fully electric vehicle, it is a great option for families and those looking for a minivan. This EV can make it 32 miles on electricity and 488 miles with gas. It is great for hauling the family as well as being a much cheaper alternative.

In just two hours, you will find your van completely charged. The manufacturers have also installed regenerative brakes meaning that using the breaks will recharge the battery, which gives you more pack for your punch.

With seven seats, you have the option to drive around the family or change up the seating for storage and hauling other large items. You have the option of 80 different types of seating options. So many choices!

Ford Escape PHEV

Mile Range38 miles (electric) or 432 miles (gas)
Best FeatureBest Plug-in Hybrid
Comparable ToModel Y
Type of VehicleSUV

The Escape is another plug-in hybrid to choose from. Although not a fully electric vehicle, it is still a great option to consider when looking for an alternative to Tesla. Hybrids are great to have, especially you don’t have many charging stations in your state.

Ford has achieved keeping the large space of an SUV with maintaining a long-range distance of 432 miles. This is a big achievement and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Those who have driven SUVs understand that these types of vehicles are prone to being gas guzzlers.

It comes with two charging station options to be installed in your home: A 110 volt that lasts about 10 hours when the battery is at zero or 240 volt that takes about 3 to 4 hours to charge the battery completely.

The Escape doesn’t disappoint with its size and mileage, but again, it’s a hybrid. It doesn’t have the electric motors or the technology that many other electric cars have.410-mile,

Nissan Leaf

Mile Range215 miles
Best FeatureBest low-budget with high safety
Comparable ToModel 3
Type of VehicleHatchback

With the larger battery, you will find that the Nissan Leaf can take you the distance. It is a low-budget option with great safety features. It has the following:

  • Semi-automated driving system
  • ProPilot Assist
  • Full Connectivity with your smartphone
  • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection
  • E-pedal
  • Rear sonar system

You will find that there are many features not listed that can be compared to the Kona or the Niro but these are a few that are specifically offered for the Leaf. Although it doesn’t have the range of the Kona and Niro you will get a smooth acceleration and safety features that the others may not have to offer.

Nissan brags about its torque, and handling is the best of its class. It only takes 8 hours to charge from 0%, which is better than some of the other EV cars on this list.

Audi E-tron

Mile Range222 Miles
Best FeatureBest For Families
Comparable ToModel Y or Model X
Type of VehicleCompact SUV

The Audi is a great new crossover that has become quite the popular vehicle style these days. It is great for families, and you will find that they have many of the luxuries of an SUV while having the sleek look of crossovers like the Subarus.

Audi has utilized Volkswagen’s technology to create this gem, so you know the design has been well thought out. Although it isn’t the cheapest option for a compact SUV like some of the others on this list, it definitely will be one of the best to spend the extra on and still save compared to a Tesla option.

It has an 82 kWh battery that lets you reach a range of 280 miles. It will comfortably seat four people, but with multiple versions, who knows what else you will get. You can’t go wrong with an Audi.

Toyota RAV4 Prime

Mile Range42 miles (electric) or 600 miles (gas)
Best FeatureBest for long-distance
Comparable ToModel Y
Type of VehicleSUV

This plug-in EV hybrid is a great option for an SUV while maintaining the horsepower that traditional SUVs have. It can drive about 400 miles without the gas range extender, which is still quite the distance.

It is a much cheaper choice than the Tesla Model Y by almost twenty thousand while still getting some of the features that Model Y offers. It still offers many of the technology benefits that its counterparts have to offer.

After years of shelving this brand, Toyota has decided to bring it back for a new release. Sadly, this one will mainly be offered in Europe as electric vehicles are interested in the mass majority barely growing.

Kia Niro EV

Mile Range239 miles
Best FeatureBest Versatility
Comparable ToModel 3
Type of VehicleSubcompact SUV

This subcompact SUV holds similar specs to the Hyundai Kona, making sense since they are sister brands. You can choose between an EV or a hybrid. It has many features that are helpful for families.

You have several high-tech features that you can access with this vehicle, many of them being similar to the Kona. Here is what you get:

  • UVO link with remote start.
  • 8-inch touch screen.
  • Android Auto
  • Apple Carplay
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Lane Following Assist
  • Blindspot assist
  • Driver Attention warning

These are only a few of your available options. As this is for families, Kia makes sure that your safety is of the upmost importance.

The Porsche Taycan

Mile Range192-201 miles
Price$97,000 to $178,000
Best FeatureOverall Best Choice
Comparable ToModel S
Type of VehicleSports Car

Another sports car on the list of electric vehicles is more affordable than Evijia at a fraction of the cost. It is not a race car, but you can get the same feel from the Taycan as many other electric vehicle options.

Although the mileage range is quite smaller than many other EV options, many journalists have discovered that it can go farther than suggested. But this can happen when you increase the torque of the vehicle to keep that sports car feel.

It has a top speed of 162 miles per hour, but this is if you choose the Taycan S. It is the sportier and more powerful of the two versions of this EV. Don’t worry when buying this vehicle about losing style. Porsche has ensured that the Taycan still resembles their sleek and modern style.

Jaguar I-Pace

Mile Range253 miles
Best FeatureMost High-Tech
Comparable ToModel Y
Type of VehicleSUV

Like the Model Y and the Audi E-Tron, this one offers quite the distance on one charge. One downfall, though is the sluggish charge that both the Model Y and the E-Tron have improved.

This one provides more sports style than its counterparts and gives your a more classic style while allowing enough room for the family. This vehicle is considered to be one of the more high tech versions with many features:

  • Hill climbing and descent scanners.
  • Near silent engine
  • Keyless entry
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Automatic adjusting LEDs

You can even build your version of this vehicle, so if you are looking for specific features but don’t want others, you can “build your own” Jaguar I-Pace.

Chevy Bolt

Mile Range259 miles
Best FeatureBest Non-Luxury Car
Comparable ToModel 3
Type of VehicleHatchback

The Bolt is one of the largest competitors against Tesla’s Model 3 electric car. It has been the best-selling non-Tesla EV. It still doesn’t compare to the Tesla with fast charging, but it still has many features that make it a great alternative.

It goes 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds and can travel up to 259 miles on one charge. It has Apple Carplay for any of those iPhone users, so you will find it easy to connect with your car. It has many perks with its intuitive infotainment like many others.

Although it’s not a sports car like the BMWs or the Evija, you can switch it to “Sports Mode” to improve acceleration and power. It is perfect if you don’t want to be a racer 100% of the time. With its cute and sleek design, you won’t feel like you are drying around a family car.

Hyundai Kona EV

Mile Range258 Miles
Best FeatureBest Budget
Comparable ToModel 3
Type of VehicleSubcompact SUV

Another subcompact SUV, you can drive guilt-free with this vehicle. It is great for the family with a 258-mile range and zero emissions while not breaking the bank.  You can even find this vehicle as a hybrid if you need a little of both worlds.

It provides many high-tech features the whole family can enjoy. You will get wireless charging for your cell phones, so no more chords tying you up. It has an almost 11-inch touch screen and a heads-up display to make your life easier.

It also comes with these safety features that will make you feel better about being on the road:

  • Forward collision avoidance assist.
  • Lane-keeping assist.
  • Smart cruise control with stop and go.
  • High beam assist
  • Driver attention warning.
  • Blind-spot collision warning
  • Rear cross-traffic collision warning

This vehicle is great for families at a reasonable price compared to Tesla’s versions. You will find that it has so many safety and technological features that will meet your needs.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Mile Range210-275 miles
PriceAround $37,000
Best FeatureBest Price for its features
Comparable ToModel Y Tesla
Type of VehicleFour-door Coupe

The Mach-E is inspired by the classic Mustang, but don’t assume that it has the same concepts as its ancestor. These concepts are more of an appreciation of the past while moving towards the future. It has a few similar looks as the original mustang but has obtained more of a hatchback style.

You have the choice of rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. It also has all the perks that a modern luxury car can offer with its infotainment as well as housing five passengers comfortably. You won’t find yourself feeling cramped in this cabin.

Unlike some other electric vehicles, this can hit a top speed of 160 miles, a great feat for being an EV. It can reach 60 miles per hour in 5.1 seconds, and you will find that it still has some power for the price you pay.

How To Find The Best Electric Car

It can be difficult finding the best car for your family, but there are many things you can do when you are looking for the electric car right for you and your family. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Make a list of must-have features.
  • Make a list of things you can do with or without.
  • Make a list of must not’s.
  • Do some research on your own.
  • Check finance options.
  • Shop around for the best prices and options.
  • Buy within your financial limits.
  • Negotiate. Negotiate. Negotiate.
  • Look at both used and new vehicles.
  • Don’t mention trade-in or discounts till the dealer hits the lowest price.
  • Don’t forget about your insurance costs.
  • Don’t buy those expensive extended warranties.

Just remember that you are buying this vehicle for yourself and your family. If the vehicle doesn’t fit what you are wanting, then you should look elsewhere. You don’t want to impulse buy just because you are itching for that new car. Move to the next option and keep looking around.


Every year more and more car manufacturers release a variety of options for electric vehicles. They are selling these cars at the bare regulation requirements, and these vehicles can go farther distances and hold charges longer.

When you invest in an electric car, you invest in a vehicle that will last a while. Plus, with the technology becoming so readily available, you will find that you can choose from so many different styles and not be limited to one type of car.

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